Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not very good day. :(

Today started out not very good. After I woke up I did my streching routine, but I overdid it , I heard a " CRACK" and my back awas locked. I was not able to move. At least kids were sleeping so I had some time to get myself together and but on a smily face. lol I made appointment to see my favorite chiro Dr Ray from PodyPro! and after few "CRACKs" I feel 50 % better. But that is not it.

Few days ago my eyes started hurting and looked puffy. People asked if I was crying or tyred or sick, because my face looked horrible. :( So I went to see doctor for that. And guess what, I have conjunctivitis (pink eye). I got eyedrops for that and I feel much better now. :) I also asked from my doctor why my pains ( bone, joints) are getting worse, not better. He drew some blood to test for artiritus( sp), if tests come back fine, then they will let me know whats the next step will be. Until then I just have to take Celebrex, and since my insurance does not cover it , I have to pay in full ( 107 dollars- monthly dose- I think). Anyway, I am just getting tired of being in pain. I am used to pain, but I have to give up a lot because of pain. There are things I want to do but I can not . I want to get down on floor and play with kids, but it is really hard for me to get down on all four, and play pony rides with them, I want to carry them around them sitting on my sholders- I can't. I am 27 going on 70. :( I want my health back. I want my life back.

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