Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to youuuu.

1. Goat Cheese Terrine- Goat cheese, cream cheese, blue cheese, chives,
cilantro, walnuts
2. Salt cured Salmon - Salmon

3. Appetizers- crab meat, mayo, smoked salmon, cream cheese filled

4. Cabbage rolls filled with vegetables and meat

5. Potato salad with a kick- Chinese cabbage, potatoes, red bell
tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, canned peas and carrots,

6. Pre-marinated grilled beef

7. 3 lbs of tiger shrimp ( with jack cheese sauce)

8. Pesto Potatoes( boiled)

9. Asparagus with lemon sauce and peppers( steamed), OR steamed mixed vegetables.

10. (pre-marinated) Roasted leg of lamb( with balsamic vinegar reduction

11. Kypsise tort( farmers cheese, strawberry preserves, whipped cream,
strawberries, condensed milk.)

12. Miniature cheesecakes/ Birthday cake.

13. Single serving desserts( cheesecake, chocolate mousse, whipped
hot chocolate, caramel sauce, Ice cream,peanut butter, macademia nut butter

14. Bread rolls( pizza dough, cream cheese, bacon, sundries tomatoes, cucumber- baked minutes before dinner)

Drinks, drinks , drinks.( margaritas, cosmos, apple sours.... vodka, whisky,

15. Snitzels( pork)

Ok, this is Menu for my Dh's Birthday. But I know some of the items are subject to change. If weather is rainy- grilling is out of question and I have to come up with roasted fish or chicken.
Also, I will play around with apetizers and see what I come up with.

So , if you guys have nothing to do on April 1st, come celebrate April Fools day with us. ( well, march 31st is my Dh's 40th Birhtday, but we are having a party on April 1st. around 6 pm. :)>):)


lennuk said...

I look forward giving my helping hands to you! :)

Sleeping Beauty said...

I can't wait!!!!! Take H with you- somebody needs to clean while we cook.... ;)