Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, it is friday. Gabriels shool had Parent(s) night out. Yeah, wohoo, awsome, great, I was so freekin' exited. ( whatever). So I dropped Regina and Gabriel to Tutor Time and I went to see 16 Blocks( Bruce willis). No regrets , awsome movie. I just hated that one bad guy who finally did a good thing in a bad way got away..... Happy hollywood ending....
So , about 40 minutes into movie I got a phone call from my doctor ( it was 8.45 pm) about my labs. Luckily I do not carry arthiritus gene but he told me to come back to office sometimes next week to run more tests to find the reason of my pains.
Today new kind of pain appeared. I but on my favorite pair of boots with midium size heals. At first everything was fine, but when I was walking from my car to movie theater both of my feet started hurting to the point I was in tears. Month ago I did not have that pain. Seems like my bones have started drifting to some different direction. :(
Ugh, I want nick to come back and find a good job in US. ( at least 150 000 dollars per year lol) and good health insurance ...

Ok. I have to give Regina meds now. She is still coughing ( she started in January) and nothing makes her cough go away. she also has Laryngitis .

So far these are all of my symptoms.
Joint pains
Fluid filled systs ( ganglion cysts)
Bladder Dysfunction
Bowel Dysfunction
problems with memory
Depression Fatigue

Balance or Coordination Problems

Abnormal Numbness or Pain

Vision Problems



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