Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Night..

I did not plan watch oscars this year, but Jon Stewart with his opening speech just got my attention. I just love his sense of humor. He made me laugh all night long. That guy does not have to try hard to make people laugh- he is natural. ;) He is cute too ;)

Now, if you ask me how many of those movies nominated I had seen then I can tell you- only few-

  • _Crash-- I loved it- won best Picture!!!!!!!
  • walk the line-- NMS
  • Batman Begins- I love it
  • Cinderella man-- Did not like it all
  • Tim Burton- Corps Bride--- LOOOOOVED IT. I love tim burton.
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory- Good but not that good.
  • War of the Worlds--- My fave

  • I really want to see Transamerica
  • Memoirs of Geisha
  • King Kong
  • North County.

Now I am off to do some minor cleaning. ( kids toys, dirty dishes etc). Tomorrow is monday and my cleaning team is coming to clean my house ( they do it every monday). But I am about to fire them- they are doing ok job and past few weeks they have been avoiding dusting and floors are after cleaning still dirty ( spots here and there) and they broke few dishes and forgot to notify me. SO bye-bye . I HATE LETTING THEM KNOW THAT THEY ARE FIRED. :( Usually nick does the dirty work....

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