Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy cows come form CA.....

I left my heart in San Francisco but no worries, instead , I got myself double chin ;

Anyway. On valentines day we thought we should do something on Presidents day weekend, since it is loooong weekend we should drive somwhere . So we did decide to go to San Francisco. At first we thought we shuld start driving on Friday, but after checking weather forecast Nick though it is better to do so on saturday morning.
Well, I woke up on saturday morning and was unable to move. My upper back, neck sholders hurt so bad, I was in tears. It took me 15 minutes to get off the bed. I was in HORRID pain, and I knew it was because of weather- everytime it rains, my back/neck hurt. So after 2 hours of icing/heating my neck and back I thought , what the heck, I can not my back pain to ruin our weekend- I got bags backed in 15 minutes and off we drowe.( I was still in horrid pain, and was unable to move my neck.

to All of you, who have seen commercials- Great cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows come from california-( or something like that) . At first I laughed at those commercials- Ca for me was Orange county- over populated, overpriced and overrated . But on our way to SF we saw that happy cows indeed live in California. I have never ever ever ever seen so many cows, lambs/sheeps in my life and they were all happily eating green american grass. ( and I thought there is no real grass in california( what a fool I Have been). Anyway, I made my point- Happy cows come from ca, and I feel now more comfy eating California cheese. :)
Landscape between Los angeles and san francisco was amazing . For a moment I got a feeling like I was in Lord of the rings movie- ( the part where all those hobbits lived), it was so green, round hills, beautiful trees, green, rain and sunshine and we saw few rainbows. IT was BEAUTIFUL:)

We started driving around 10.30 and we arrived in SF around 9 pm. Nick drowe most of the time ( good for him)

(view from Cable car window)
On sunday we woke up around 7.30, ate breakfast and hit the down.
First we took cable car drive from downtown to Wishermans Wharf. Cable car drive was cool experience. SF is very hilly and views were amazing, but I was scared out of my mind. What if cable broke and .....( you know what comes next). After 20 minute ride we made it to Wishermans wharf. Took few cool pictures and took next cable car back to hotel( we had to check out). Regina and Gabriel were complaning the whole time. IT was really cold there and we were not fully ready for higher winds and chillier weather. But they did ok. I asked from Regina if whe was having fun and she told me- DISNEYLAND is fun, this is not. lol

After we checked out from Marriot, we headed to discover rest of SF, We saw Golden gate Bridge - and only that was worth the 8 hour trip from OC. Then we went to Pier 39 . OH my GUSH, It was tooo crowded, seemed like every person who has never been to SF had hit Pier 39. IT was hard to breathe there.

I really mean it. But still, it was amazing experience. Views from there were breath taking. :):):)
It was around 1.30, and we wanted to eat lunch, and wait times in every restaurant were around 40 minutes. So we waited , and waited and waited and finally got our food, :)

After Pier 39 we went to Monterey and stayed there for a night. And on monday morning we started driving home . On our way home we got to see the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen ( Santa Barbara area). And then nick just took us home. :)

It was cool trip. But since we had kids on board we had not many chances to do wine tasting( on a way to SF and back to LA there are lots of winerys on a road. And lots of them had free wine tasting. We did step into one winery Laetitia and sampled few wines :)

oh, I almost forgot to mention 17 Mile drive. Oh, wow, you got to take that 17 mile drive to experience the beauty of Northen CA. :)


lennuk said...

that's why have not "seen" you for a while.... doulbe chin? hm. will be back here for the story!

Kathy said...

If you were inspired by your drive up north, you should just keep going sometime-- over the Golden Gate Bridge and up to the Redwoods... Mendocino... it only gets better and better. Then just cross the border and drive up the Oregon coast.

We do that every other year, this last summer being the most recent time. It's breathtaking, and the drive to San Francisco is really only a warm-up for what comes after.

Anonymous said...

Väga, Väga kaunid pildid


lennuk said...

Yeah, this is beautiful drive.
Wow, sunset on the photos is impressive!
As I see you saw Golden Gate. Have been there couple of times and only once it have been sunny and clear. Rest of the times it was foggy and cold!

mutukas said...

Vapustavalt ilusad päikeseloojangu pildid. Minul läbi udu ei õnnestunud Kuldvärava silda näha (6-7 aastat tagasi). Võis ainult aimata! Järelikult tuleb tagasi minna kunagi!