Thursday, February 16, 2006

What the hell???

Seriously. I am so sick of getting sick all the time. Who put a spell on me? Speak out now.

Anyway. Past week I have been having these horrible abdominal pains. At first I thought it is something I ate. But when I had to use bathroom every 10 minutes or so I knew that it was my bladders fault. So I went to see my favorite Dr and he told me what I allready knew- I have bladder infection- second one this year. Bloody hell- because of deductible I had to pay 111 dollar co pay to get my very much needed antibiotics. FCUK. Oh, that FCUK is another problem. My husband really was hoping to get layed real soon, but since I am no condition to have sex, I do not see this happening in near future ( like in 10 days), and in 10 days he will be leaving to china. So, there you go. I make my hushusband misarable.

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