Saturday, November 26, 2005


These past couple of months have been nothing but grazy. I have not had good night sleep since Nick left. Most nights I sleep 5-6 hours , there are nights I only get to sleep 4 hours. I am afride to fall asleep alone. . I am tired, grumpy and people just irritate me. Yeah, I know- BLAH, blah, blah blah- get some sleep. BU HOW???? I just can not fall asleep alone. I check kids million times during the night. I wake up ever 30 minutes because this freeking 3300 sq/f house is just creeping me out. And our cat has to go before christmas. I can not take it anymore. I sneeze like grazy and cat hair is everywhere. And last night I found my cat in my bathroom licking my retainers. Yuck. On monday I will go and get myself new retainers. NO WAY I stick something into my mouth that is licked by some cat , who licked his @$$ before licking my retainers.

Anyway, I am sleepy but I can not sleep. My mind is busy and restless , I am hungry and it is 11.16 pm.

M a d w o m a n Diana

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