Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh, adventures in Liberty Mutual land...

I am doing little better today. I am still congested but at least no headaches.

Do you know that it is really confusing to pay bills when you are used to paying same amount, but suddenly you get bill with 200 dollars added to that normal amount. lol Anyway, I got our liberty mutual Autoinsurance bill and it was 1742 dollars( yearly). It just sounded little off because I knew it was not supposed to be that high.I signed into account and sure enough, last year we payed 1582.
Anyway, I called them and asked what's up. And the answer was not what I expected. I was hoping that they made a mistake and that is why premium was higher. But no. It is because of my speedig husband. He got a speeding ticket last year in september. I guess he was driving with 80 miles in 65 mile zone. He payd off his speeding ticket , and our premium got raised. yuck.
Year ago I new nothing about how to manage and pay off the bills, and how to balance checkbooks etc. Now I am pro. lol I know exactly where my( our, srry sweety) money goes, and I know what to do if there is an error somewhere. lol I make myself laugh even talk about this b/c it just sound so stupid. lol Oh, and I am getting better talking on phone with people ( customer service specialist, who have no Idea how to help me ) lol

Oh, and my car accident case( US one), is still open and under investigation. What is wrong with those other people. Is it so hard for them to just step up to plate and quit playing games??

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