Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fun fun fun. Yesterday( saturday) I went to North Hollywood to wine tasting party ( again). lol This time we tasted white wines. I do not remember what wine won but it was quite good. Congrats Maarika for bringing winning wine :) Myself I took Santa Margarita, Pinot Grigio(2004). Sale price 22 dollars, but with Vons card I got it with 18. I was looking for 2003 year bottle( my fave), but I was unable to find it. At taste tasting I really did not like that wine very much. It used to be my fave white one( of course 2003 one), but this one tasted way to sour for my taste. So out of 6 wines it shared 4th-5th space. Even dollars store , one dollar wine got better place. lol
This time there was even one wine from Estonia( Poltsamaa Lossi vein), this wine was not for my taste at all. To fruity. NMS.

It was fun night filled with 16 drunk Estonian chicks( In general). I volunteered to make snacks to have with wine. Of course I had to make my famous Walnut goat cheese/gorgonzola terrine. I also salted some salmon, made some smoked salmon with cream cheese filling( rolls), and OF course , what party is without cake. I made pumpkin cheesecake that was big hit !!! I am really happy how everything turned out. ON these days I do not get a chance to practise my culinary arts that much b/c my kids love simple "gourmet' food like plain macaroni and corn dogs. lol And just thinking about making something simple that everyone would enjoy, made me feel good..

oh, I forgot to mention. Kristinas friend( Party was at Kristinas house) made excellent dinner for all of us. Basmati rice with almonds and green peas, rice was wrapped in filo dough and was really crispy and cruntchy from top. That was the best rice I have ever had in my life. HE also made lentil soup, roasted chicken, fish, and some vegetable dish. Everything was just great. OHOHOH, and I have to tell you about THE bread. I have never had so good sourdough bread. He has his own starter that he uses to make home made breads. Oh, carbs!!!


lennuk said...

OMG! Food was so great at this party!
This cheese thing is just delicious!!!! So perfect for wine nights!
Not just cheese, but salmon also was done with such a love!
Pumpkin cheesecake was just melting in my mouth!
Tarfas food was very good and delicious too!
So much good food! So many nice girls! So much fun!
It was just great night! Can't wait for another party!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleeping Beauty said...

You know what is funny- the moment you left, everyone stopped chit chatting and it got really quiet. I guess you were) are) will be, life of the party .... '_