Friday, November 18, 2005

Overall , awsome day!!!

Yeah!! After multiple phone calls to Trenton NJ, I finally got some questions answered. I mentioned you about Reginas Birth certificate coming in with typos. Well, at first they started blaming me, that I made mistakes on my application. SO I told them, look you ladies, I have it here with me and I am about to fax it to you. YOU tell me then that there are mistakes in my DD application. Suddenly they got really busy, but me on hold and after few minutes on hold, they got back to me and told me, SRRY madam, you were right, person who typed up these certificates made mistake. BUT to fix it, I HAVE to send it in with explanation letter and with my birth certificate copy. DUH!!! I told them I have ordered them before and they DO not need my birth certificate, just give me address, and number of the people who are responsible for this 35 dollar month late mistake. So I got more number, and after few more phonecalls I STILL have to mail in Reginas Birth certificate with explanation letter,but I do not have to include mine. Cool. They wanted me to mail it in with overnight delivery- 47 fucking dollars!!! Hell no!!!!!!!!!!! So I just did monday delivery that costed me 27 dollars. heck, *^*(%(*&(__&*&% I hate spending money on someone elses mistake.!!! ORDER!!! WHERE IS ORDER!????

Anyway, after that hectic morning I helped out in my daughters class, as I do in every friday. Then we got home, ate lunch, picked up Gabe. Dropped my kids off to playmates( after school acitivity/daycare) around 5.30pm. AND then the real fun started. My neighbors invited me to have dinner with them and then we went to see movie. We had dinner at Macaroni Grill. It was ok. I ordered wrong salad. It was way to sweet and way to fatty. YUCK!!! I hate fatty dressings. After few bites of my salad I was full. But then I saw dessert list and I had to get myself tiramisu- YUCK again. It was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! If you ever had tiramisu before , then you know it has to be nice, moist, full of mascapone and coffeee. But this one was waaaay to dry, way to fresh, way to b l a n d!!!!! But I enjoyed dinner with friends. ANother funny thing my neighbors is--- I just found out that they TO got married in Las Vegas. They DO got married on 28th of december, but they got married in 1996, we got married in 1998. I mean, me and S. have the same "dry", weird, mean, kind of sence of humor. We constantly make jokes about each other and laugh out loud. lol We like same kind of things, same kinds of movies, even same kinds of foods. And our views about how to rise kids are same also. I little spooked out. lol And what is even spookier, our sons look like brothers.!!! I SWEAR!! Gabriel and D. look like brothers. ( He son is 7 months younger than Gabe.) :):):)

Oh, the movie we went to see was SAW 2. OH boy, lots and lots of blood. I LOVED IT!!! Saw on was more suspencful, but saw 2 was just bloody mess. lol Good mess!!!!!!! Thumbs up!!!!

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