Friday, November 11, 2005

I just have to let it out

SCREAM!!!! Oh F*U*C*K* ( srry). My left sholder hurts so bad the pain is shooting from sholder to my toes. Nothink works anymore. Physical therapy sucks, painkillers suck, sleeping on right side sucks. Everything sucks. Damn sholder. I think I just go ahead and agree with my doctor, that I really, really need cortisone( some weird hormone) injections to my swelling joints. pain is so freekin' bad it sucks to be me.
The worst part is that I can not carry my kids , I can not drive car without holding my tears back, I can not dress or undress without my sholder popping in and out of socket( sp?). Even typing hurts.
All you teenagers out there - listen to your moms- if your mom or dad says this or that will start hurting you when you get older- DO NOT ROLL YOUR EYES. I I wish I payd more attention to all the No-nos.

ps- tomorrow will be fun night. Another wine tasting ahead. I hope to taste my pain away.

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