Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us

Can you belive it ?? 8 years ago, on 28th of December in Caterbury Chapel ( Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas ) we tied the knot... Whoever told that Las Vegas marrages do not last lied... I was just 20 and he was 32. OMG OMG OMG... We are soooo old now. ( well, he is, I am still twenty ) So 8 years ago, 28th of dec it was 1998.... Awful lot of eights.. Nick likes 8. it is a lucky sign in china. His car number is NICK 88 ( something do to with father... Not sure what... chinese numerology is to ) Anyway, We are leaving to big bear on 22nd , and we will be back before our anniversary... We still have not figured out what to do.. At first we wanted to have little one night Vegas celebration, but decided not to because it will be just too much .. Maybe we just do Hollywood or LA celebration- Nice dinner, clubbing, and spend a night somewhere there... I love The Standard hotel , they also have Awsome lounge and REnessance (sp? ) hotel is one of the coolest hotels there, but we'll see... Maybe we just go to pechanga or some other casino that is close by. Something fun...

if you have any good ideas just let me know. I am very open to Ideas..... :)

You all, have a Very Merry Christmas and enjoy your family/friends, /alone=== whatever time you are having. :).

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