Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yeah, I know...

... I have not been updating. My husband is home, my kids keep me busy, and my house really, really needs me now more than ever. lol. I am trying to get everything in order here before my sweet and fun adventure in near future. I really can not tell you more, but you will be hearing more about it as it arrives. ( No I am not pregnant and No I am not about to give birth).

Couple of days ago our cat ran away because my dh left door wide open. I made some flyers and posted in our neighborhood. I also asked from neighbors if they have seen him. So last night our neighbors rang our doorbell and told us that they saw cat couple of doors down. SUre enough it was our silly cat Keesu. ( Kids named him princess but we really call him Keesu.)

I also started physical therapy to my left sholder. I LOVE IT!!! It is like personal training session but all I have to do is to pay 15 dollar co-pay instead of 50 dollar and hour. I allready feel better and all the guysI ALMOST gave up all sugar and chocolate. If I feel like eating something extra sveet, I just suck on to some of those sweet and low candies 5 pieces is about 60 cal. Not bad, and it takes care of my chocolate needs. :)

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