Wednesday, August 31, 2005



Kathy said...

I thought you'd given up coffee.

Me, cappuccino is my biggest vice. I'd give up wine before I'd give up cappuccinos.

And those vinegar pork rinds that I never eat except when I'm in Memphis. Also, the entire week I was there I drank diet soda, which I don't even have at home. Being in Memphis isn't good for my health.

Aren't you going week after next?

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol, yeah, pork rinds are my mepmphis thing also.
I started drinking coffe little while ago. I can have like one cup of coffe in 3 days , or othervise I just go grazy. We are leaving on 5th and return on 7th. I dont want to go :(

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Diana!! You're great at photoshop!!


Anonymous said...

Vau,kui lahe pilt!
Kas lõke on ka eestimaalt pärit!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Thank you Jackie. I still have long way to go

Ylle- loke on jah Eesti juurtega. :)

Melissa Starr said...

Hope you have a great trip to Memphis filled with great news!! My computer is still down. I need to just go buy a new one and be done with it!lol! Take care and I will update again soon!