Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hi from somewhere else.

Hi gals and guys. Diana has landed in Estonia. My flight was looong and boring and tireing, but finally after18 hours i reached my final destination. Tomorrow morning I will start my 4 hour car drive to my parents house and see what happens.
Weather here is cold and rainy.
Talk to you later.


lennuk said...

Hello from LA. Only 4 hours to the other side of Estonia! It took me hour and a half to drive home from work today ... shoot, something was going on in LA Colisseum. Crazy!!!!!!!!
Have fun in Estonia and keep us updated. HI to Sija! Did she knew???????

Kathy said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation.

We're leaving for Memphis on Sunday. I went to Trader Joe's today and got two jars of macadamia butter for Valerie and chocolate truffles for Leslie. Wine for two Memphis friends not at St. Jude, and mango sauce for the mother of one of Sean's friends from school in Memphis.

It's amazing how hard it is to find stuff like that there, but I wish they'd open a Corky's in San Diego.

Tara is gone. We're sad. And I still haven't figured out what Dr. Gajjar would like.

BTW, I had to tell you that this week when Steven was telling me all the reasons he wished he didn't have to go to Memphis, he suddenly asked me if Regina would be there this time.

I said no and he was sad, but I laughed and said we only live one hour away from Regina, we don't have to travel 2000 miles to see her.

I love my kids, but they're weird.

Enjoy your time with your family.