Friday, August 12, 2005

car accident no 3

Accidents always happen on threes. Last night( august 11), as i was driving home from city something went terribly wrong. It as 3AM, outside was dark and weather conditions were horrible-rain, rain and more rain. It was bad. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared deer and stopped in the middle of the road- just in front of me. I braked, but the deer was to close and I hit him bad, really bad. What was strange about this accident was- road was slippery due to rainy weather, I braked but car did not skid, it stopped immediately but not soon enough. Air bags did not come out, but we all ( me , my sister, my brother and my friend ) felt the power of airbags popping to our faces. It was the weirdest things .We all are fine, not a scrach on us, but my rental has exact same damages as my Mercedes had. I was lucky enough to drive the car next morning to repar shop and I was told I should not be driving because what kind of damages my car has due to that deer. SO no I have to deal with insurance and I decided not to take other rental. Damages to car are probably around 3000 dollars ( it is Peugeot). SO there you go. Something exiting for a while. More car accidents. When will it end.???? Angels are watching over us and protecting us....

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lennuk said...

Oh, my gosh!
Hope you all are ok!!! What is going on with you and with the cars!?
Important is that you guys are ok.
Please, let me know!