Sunday, August 21, 2005

Quick update from SAS, seat 41 C

Yep, right now I am in air, on my way to CHICAGO. My flight will be one hour late,because we had to wait for another flight and if we left early 20 people would have missed the flight. SO if I MISS my connection from Chicagot to Santa ana, IT IS NOT MY FAUlt. Bad luck just sends me.:) BAAAAA I wanna go home and kiss and hug my kids and dh.

My bitter-sweet vacation is over and I am back in CA. I wish I could tell you that I am energized and extremely motivated and relaxed, but the sad truth is- I am not. I am tired and worried and stressed. My vacation started with B A N G. On 12th some stupid deer ran to the road and Of course I just felt the need to hit him or her because I wanted to see what happens. And of course I really, really wanted to cause 60 000 damages in Estonian currency ( it is about 4500 dollars). And since I did not purchase that fun insurance from rental, We have to take care/pay or whatever that huge unwanted and needed sum of money ourselves. We still have some Reginas medical bills from last year that we have not paid yet( her OC medical bills), and now this. And because this accident happened in beginning of my trip, I had to make phone calls, worry about damages not being to huge( which they are) , worry about other deer running into me or million deer’s attacking me , just like in Ring 2.

About more fun things. I did see my family and my mom was totally surprised when I showed up in hospital ( she was hospitalized for couple of days to find the source of severe pain). Then we went to my childhood home and talked a little and ate and drank and laughed and argued- you know, just like every other family. After 3 hours of being home, my sister and I hit the local “club” We danced and drank some hard liquor( well, she did) , I just had fun because I had to be the DRIVER.

Nature around my parents house is absolutely breath taking . It is green, lots of trees, forest. Garden had about 20 apple trees that all carried apples, lots of plum trees, cherry trees, red currants, black currants, different berries, yum.( and more) If I felt like I went out and picked apples from the tree , If I felt liked I lied down and stared the beautiful blue sky with all the clouds that took a different shape in every minute. If I felt like, I took my car and drove somewhere close to lake or visited some local beatiful attractions. It all was amazing.

we celebrated Sijasbirthday ( august 13th) with some of her closest friends.

We slept long morning hours and woke up during the noon. We visited some relatives, ate a lot of local food( food I grew up eating and I miss it every day because It is hard in US to find the foods that TASTE the same. I gained about 6 lbs because of that 12 day food fest in est. We went out to party almost in every night. Lot of dancing, tequila and weird guys who I scared away by answering their questions in English , pretending I did not speak Estonian- lol. I am bad, bad girl. But really, some of them were beyond annoying and I did not want to hurt their feeling by telling them they are not wanted now. Heh.

OF course I met up with couple of exes and heard million times How good I look and how much younger and younger I look each year I come back to Estonia- I blame it on all the preservatives I am eating in in USA. Lol. I was also asked to move back to Estonia, so I could have “luvers” ( It feels great to be wanted and needed, but untouchable and unreachable. J

I will post pictures later and if something interesting comes back to me I will definitely let you know, because Let me tell you- lot of fun things happened

OH, I almost forgot- I FINALLY HAD CHANGE TO GO TO SAUNA AGAIN. OH, it was so amazing to feel the sweat run down to your body and all I really did was sit and take the heat J


Kathy said...

Sounds like a great vacation overall.

Can't wait to see your photos.

lennuk said...

uhuu! great vacation! welcome back!
i am sorry about the accident though...