Saturday, April 21, 2007

Soovitan Soojalt.

The Namesake.
Yesterday YMCA had half nighter and I used this opportunity to unwind. I dropped kids into local Y and headed to movies. My mission- The Namesake. It was about Indian Immigrants and their kids who were born in USA and all the drama that surrounded them

Even though I am not Indian, while watching this movie I could find myself thinking- OMG, this is movie about my life. I moved away from Estonia when I was young, I gave birth in US, I was exited, confused, lost… and now when I am older I want to go back and join my Estonian family…

I recommend this movie to all of you. I cried , I laughed and I drooled over that dude who plaid main part- Gogol (Kal Penn) . He is Yummy !!!! Go see it J

Life is good, Nick is coming home next week JJJ

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