Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth day

Happy earth day… or what’s left of it?? What are you doing to keep this planet going?
I have to be honest here… I am not really good recycler .. If I remember I do it, but it is way to complicated- which plastic is ok, what kind of paper is fine, glass… I was just watching oprah, and I learned that pizza boxes are not recyclable , because something has been in it… ( greasy food, I can see earth gaining few lbs). BUT , I am trying to cut down using paper plates, and cups and napkins. I also use earth friendly cleaning products. Right now seventh generation. I have not switched out all my products yet, but most of them… I started doing this few months ago, because I started having horrible headaches after I cleaned my house.. I also had to give up using strong perfumes, again, because of headaches. I do use once in a while, but not as often I used to… I know that is also earth friendly. BUT I will not trade in my SUV. If president Bush starts driving around in Hybrid Limos ( not sure if they exist), then I will downgrade… lol but until then, I’ll pollute environment … just a little….


Today I went to Lowes and brought 60 dollars worth of plants. Flowers energize me.. They dye on my, but they make me feel good.. While doing some planting, I discovered that I have some major leaking going on somewhere under my house… Top soil looks fine , but then I started digging deeper and dirty secret of my gardens bottom soil came out… IT WAS SOAKED, ugly , clay like , yuck… I guess I have to contact somebody- landscaper possible to check out issues… Hate when things go the way I do not want them to go…

AND one more issue.. our plumbing is really messed up.. Seems like pressure issues. I flush, there is dripping going on everywhere. It annoys me, but scares also.. I am afraid one of these days one of main pipes will burst and overfloat our house. . Seriously – what materials were used to build this fuckin’ house??? Floam and some craft store pipes??

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