Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have something to say… I have something to say… I have something to say..
I LOVE television. If I could, I’d watch it 24/7. Well, maybe 12/7, and rest of 12 hours I’d sit in Edwards and watch movies.

Luckily this year we got digital TV and I can record all my favorite shows and later fast forward boring parts… blah blah blah…
Here is list of shows I watch….
Dancing with the stars
Americas Next top Model --- MY FAVE SHOW.
Pussycat Doll search--- Pretty entertaining… seems like most of hose girls have no brains, just lots of raw diva material…
CSI( NY, MIAMI and just CSI.
Crossing Jordan.
American Idol- this year it is pointless, since all those wannabes are just plain boring… Saija boy is pretty interesting and cute …. For a gay… hahahaj
Bachelor- first impression- he got looks but he is so dang boring… he makes me yawn… Why can’t bachelor dudes choose some rich guys with good sense of humor, who can make jokes and girls just laugh because they think joke was funny, but really, joke was on them HAHAHAH
National geographic channel almost everything in there is interesting… Love it.
L word- lesbian thing. I love it, but I do not get what the hype is all about… Everybody is talking about it. I watched it and yes, it is interesting, but since I am open minded and read few lesbian books ( you know, I thought I am one, still in closet,,,, maybe I am… still… in closet ;) )) I find nothing shocking about this show, but I do recommend it to you. It is good show ( couple of actresses should get a boot thought. They suck, I’d do much better job acting…
Deal or now deal… people are money hungry and that makes me laugh….
The view- I LOVE ROSY
Ellen DeGeneres- I LOVE HER TOOOO.. I love her sense of humor
Desperate Housewifes
Grays Anatomy- My fave medical drama… If I had a chance to be part of this show, I’d do it for free ( at least at first… lol)
Law and Order, SVU ( special victims Unit)…
There are few more shows, but I can’t remember their names…. Oh DR 90210, Workout, Real HouseWifes of Orange county-

So there you go.. These are my shows.. I also read http://www.perezhilton.com/ he is my hero. And Prescribe to Peoples Magazine… I waste my talent sitting home. I’d rather sit in somewhere in Hollywood ( like around Ivy restaurant ) lol and write down every single step Lohan Bitch takes….

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