Monday, April 16, 2007


( disclaimer—this is not a scam, just my view how things really are….

Let me introduce myself. My name is Diana TanSaare and I am president of foreign ministry BANK of California. I just want to let you know, if you send me 4000 dollars, I will give you about billion back( NEVER).. And I will give you this money, because president of other bank died and Now I have all this money to share with you . My dear stupid people ( but hey, all you dumbasses, just sent in those 4000 dollar checks.( or every other check amount that is less than 10 000 dollars… I do not want you to pay taxes that much….

Now let me let you know how things will work here. First you send money, then I tell you I want to marry you, then you have to show up at the airport wearing white dress, and then I will now show up…… YOU will feel mad and violated. You think that I am worst person ever…… But then suddenly I call you and tell you this bullshit story about me falling in airport because I was so madly inlove with you and that love made me blind… You forgive me, because that is your nature, to forgive sick people who are inlove. And I have to tell you that YOU have to send me more money,because I am still in hospital and here NIGERIA , they do not let you out before all bills are paid.. boohoo. And you send more, and I brake more bones…… and then we all end up in 20/20 or in dateline…

( You got the pic).. I am sorry to offend you people, BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MOTHERFUCKERS??? HOW CAN YOU BELIVE SUCH A BULLSHIT SCAM??? I do not feel sorry for any of you , and why should I … ( harsh , huh). How desperate are you people to get rich , to believe some weird emails that sound fishy from FIRST sentence .. If you do not know the recipient, just DELITE IT

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