Friday, April 06, 2007

Ask Diana..

Leila asked while ago what I think about Chinese medicine… She started reading a book about it ,and now things that she learns about start making sense ( Don’t ask me what she is reading about) ;)…I have no idea. I just give my opinion..

I am ALL for all kinds of MEDICINE, ONLY if you are 100% committed to it and follow through. If you read a book about it, and think that I should starting to take ginseng but same time you will keep living your regular lifestyle- It will not make sense to me. But if you start taking “traditional” medicine, slowly work changing you thinking, replacing or eliminating people in your life who are negative, practice special workout sessions, work with your ying yang… ,… I say YES, YES, YES, you are on right track… BUT you are the one who has to work out system that works for you. Books can say million things, - do this, or that, or sleep on this side and don’t sleep on that… YOU have to know why you can only sleep on that side, and drink that drink … and eat as much as you eat ….
You have to work out your system….
BTW Leila, are you reading about traditional or western Chinese medicine?


lennuk said...

Hehee, dr. Diana! Foto is funny!!!!
I'm reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Ying and Yang make sense! :))))

Sleeping Beauty said...

In Chinese medicine, health is represented as a balance of yin and yang. These two forces represent the bipolar manifestation of all things in nature, and because of this, one must be present to allow the other to exist. Hence, where there is above there is below, whatever has a front also has a back, night is followed by day, etc.. On an emotional level, one would not know joy had they never experienced pain. ... ... ...