Saturday, November 11, 2006

I love you all ;)

I hope that I am Gay post did not scare you off my dear girlfriends..... But seriosly - my dh told me that he would not mind AT ALL if I had a "girlfriend" . Well, I hope he really ment it because I am about to ... yeah, .....

This post will be ALL about me and my needs. And holidays fast aproaching ( sp?_ I have created MY wishlist. YES. MY, MY MY ,MY ALL ABOUT MY NEEDS- wishlist. OH btw, our 8th anniversary is on December 28th....

  1. Startbucks giftcards- just make sure it is not BLANK

  2. Best buy giftcards OR new Rebel XTi digital slr ;)

  3. iTunes giftcards because I have I pod and I need sponsors who could afford to pay for my music needs.

  4. Kohls giftcards - because I really need new trendy clothes

  5. shutterfly giftcard - because I love taking pictures and ordering them online.

  6. Target giftcards- because I just like target

  7. New mercedes- yes, haha( this one is for my dh)

  8. 8x10 picture frames

  9. Sephora giftcards

  10. IKEA giftcards- because I want to purchase one of their roundtables

  11. Presidenti coffee from estonia

  12. Metsatollu CD

  13. Trader Joes giftcard

  14. RED WINE- Chiraz or syrah, or Zinfandel

Not much to ask?? No. Not that I want to pressure you to get me all those things, but I just want to let you know that THIS female has needs and wants..... ;)

Talk to you next week. IT started to rain today and I hope it stops tomorrow, BECAUse we are going to Memphis, St Jude again for 3 month check up ( Regina has MRI and labs...)

1 comment:

Leila said...

List is clear and understood!
I wish I knew what I want for Christmas!
Need to think about it!