Tuesday, November 28, 2006


yeah, thanksgiving is OVER for this year. Turkey was PERFECT- cooked by me- thank you very much..... ;)

NOW Chirstams is different story. I am done with christmas shopping. DONE.I spent 350 dollars today in TARGET. people better LOVE their present Or I want my money back...... BUT this is how my family room looked few hours ago. MESS. MESS that I can not stand , messs that clutters my brain, MESS that I become sometimes ... Anyway, I had fun shopping and I will be having even more fun wrapping those presents tomorrow.:).
NOW, Yes, I have finished shopping for friends , but what in the world should I get to my dh?? Every fuckin' year i stand in front of same problem- What would my dh want. I know what he wants- BMW 7 series or whatever he calles it, OR Porsche Cayenne.. Does he think that I am santa claus or married to Donald trump??? he has I pod, he has underwear, he has ties,,, Maybe I should get him some English lessons because his english is getting worse and worse, soon I will have hard time understanding what he has to say.( I already do, he blames it on ME not listening... lol ). Anyway, good and original ideas needed....
ALSO I am PMSing big time. Today I ate whole jar of wasabe mustard. yeah, my comfort food. Into mustard I mixed some feta cheese and balsamic vinegar and I ate it with tablespoon. I tryed to tip fruits in it but it just tasted wrong... Maybe next time I should try tipping vegetables in it..

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