Friday, November 03, 2006

Bellydancing and more....

I am hooked. Every wednesday evening 6.30 I leave my house to dance- Bellydance it is. It is not as easy at it looks. It can be challenging if you do not have loose hips ( I DO, IDO lol). and We got few of those in our class. ... But oh, I am hooked. Past few days, after I put my kids down to bed, I turn on my Ipod ( bellydancing folder) and start dancing and practicing and sometimes I do it 2 hours in a row, but I am just sooo hoooooooked. I love figuring out all the new moves and the ways my body can move . AND thank god I have some kind of belly - not the most attractive one,but it pays its sometimes in december we have recital in somewhere in Laguna Beach- I keep you posted and let you know when ( I think it is around december 7th). ;)

Ok. Now littlebit about my very weird weight issues. Past 3 weeks I have been eating nonstop "junk "food- candy, candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies AND my weight started coming off fast . I dropped to 134 lbs. Now , past week I started eating healty again and working out regulary and I GAINED 4 LBS withing 4 days. I am not sure what the heck is going on. But I will figure it out. ( I know my hormones are paying huge role on my weight issues).

OH. AND my dear friends ( who ever you are). I started Christmas shopping- so you better be nice OR I keep everything..... ;)

Now about my music interest- few of you know that I LOVE trance, eurodane, hip hop rock and electronic... I can't live without that "trash".

But for few days I have been listening someting different- New age, contemporary etc. Some examples- Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Nu sound, John Mayer, Celtic woman, Origen, Conjure One, The Frey...

And I am totally enjoying this type of music. In some weird way It brings back so many good old memories, even though music/and old memories have nothing in common with each other, but I just keep remembering old good times .. and friends.... Missis M.K- I Totally completly miss you. I hope to see you soon. :)

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too!!!