Monday, November 06, 2006

F*u*c*k this weather.

I can't take it anymore. 95 degrees in november. Oh, COME ON. Give me a break. I need Cold, brrrrrr kind of weather. I want to have goosbumps all over my body, I want to wear these ugly season inspired sweaters. I want real fall and real winter. I want to get out of here RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, it was hot today, and It is still HOT. My masterbedroom feels like sauna, BUT I am not turning AC on because I do not want to see another 300 dollar electricity bill in the middle of november. Ridiculos.

Ok guys. I need some information from you. Those of you who love Big Bear and know everything about Big bear, please give me some insite about best snowboarding instructors, or sky camps etc. We are going to big bear during Christmas season- 22-27th of dec. And if weather conditions allow us, we really want to learn to snowboard.... So please give me some advice. I DID do internet research and got some inf. but I prefer personal experiences..... ok.

OH......Oh.....HOOOOOO..... And if I get really lucky I may go to NY in february next year. ( A L O N E ). BUT that happens only if my dh comes home from Chianaland... OMG. I am worst wife ever. We spend no time together and all I can think about is how to get away from him when he comes home..... Bad me, very bad me.... But I still deserve a "cookie".

OH and btw, if you really love me, you will send me an anniversary card before December 28th. 8 years of marrige and not sure how many more to go..... But one for sure... all of you who predicted that my marrige will end after year or two, and I was way to immature to get married- you were soooooo wrong. Dumbasses.... ;)

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