Tuesday, May 02, 2006


You know what pissed me off today.. ? YOu don't want to know? Well, it is your bad luck. I will tell you anyway...

I went and got my hair cut. I told hairdresser- DO NOT TOUCH MY BANGS. AND first thing she did, she grabbed her scissors and my bangs and woooosh- they are 2 inches shorter. I almost grabbed her scissors and wanted to cut off her fake stupid curly hair... Seriosly, I was fucin' mad. I made clear for her in my " perfect" legal Estonian Immigrant english that FUCKING BITCH, LEAVE MY BROWN FRONT ALONE....... Yeah, I blame it on immigrants, and think that she was on strike.... and lucky me!!!!! F*U*C*K. It took me 3 months to grow my hair out and it took her one second to ruin my good looks, ( well, I still look good, BUT, it's her way good, not MY way good. Since she pissed me off, I bought myself new pair of shoes. Yes, she made me. Plus, shoes really fit right this time.... DANG.. on a good note--- I got my early Bday present from my dh. Sony sybershot digi camera - it is really small and it feels really weird . Lol. I am used to my big Canon SLR camera that I love, and now I have this matchbox size camera ... But I love it anyway. I wanted new camera so this is good. :) ALl I need is to loose 10 more pounds, so I can fit into size 8 clothes. :)

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