Monday, May 22, 2006


These past 2 weeks have been very entertaining. Season finales, series finalies and all the other finalies. Today is Alias 2 hour series finaly. I LOVE Alias. But I am glad to see it go. 2 more hours and then I see what all the fuzz was all about anyway.

I have been really tired past few weeks. Not sure what is going on. I yawn all the time, got very weird skin rash and PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME TO HOME DEPOT nursery dep. I went there the other day , and few moments after I entered the 'blooming " area I had to leave it. I almost passed out. MY head got all dizzy and I started sneezing. To top that i got blurry vision and scratcy throat... THANKS god home depo is only abot mile away from us. Drive home was horrible since I was still sneezing and my eyes were watering. I am taking Claritin and it is helping a lot. :)

Oh people, please give me some good ideas what to get for my "family" in china. Everything is made in China anyway. I got See's candys and few CA books, but that is it. I need something original...

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