Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So , you think....

I can live without dishwasher??? BINGO!!! You are absolutley right!!! My dishwasher broke last friday, after my friends " good bye" party. Sine then, I have been handwashing my dishes. MY POOR DELICATE HANDS get real housewife training now. OH, the joys of broken household appliances. ... I think that I will not get this GE profile performance fixed. IT will be its third time and repears exceed 300 dollars. Price for this built in dishwasher is 400 dollars. ( cheap stuff, but hey, it came with house- almost came with house, we updated it to stainless steal .....) . So , now I am doing everything by hand. .... Just trying to same some

last night I was forced to post In LIFE as IT IS blog ( because this PMS blog was not found..... weird. So if you want to know what the heck is going on, go there and read the latest entry about myPMS....

As you know I am married... lol yeah, and I have 2 kids and my husband just had enough and moved to china , so he does not have to listen to my blah, blah blah 24/7......( I love you honey...) So today he called and started bitching about how bad chinese food is.????? And trust me, he does it EVERY TIME HE CALLS( 4 times a week). I KNOW HONEY, you allready told me.... and my response to him - SO GO OUT THERE AND FIND SOM E' Better MSG free food??? Do something about it!!!! Don't just complain, take action and ask around. But knowing my husband... I do not think he will do that. He expects ME to go there and find him THAT IT!!!! Oh, sweety, I feel bad for him. Every time he goes to China he buys his favorite protein bars and shakes with him, he takes Total cereal and mixed nuts( from costco). He is total health food freak... BUT what bugs me is He can not find his way in china... He is Chinese and he asks directions from me- WHAT SHOULD I DO , HONEY??? ( to bad he can not read this blog in china, blogger is blocked by chinese covernment, weird , huh???).

I think that is it for today.... I am turning my TV to fox and watch- So you think you can dance?? What's up my firends?? Any exiting summer vacation plans??

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