Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I guess you have noticed that I have kept low profile here. I have been just lazy and buzy also. I try to fix that. Those who know me, know that I can talk "trash " all day long. lol I really can,. Eventhough I am VERY positive person, and I find something good in everything - I CAN BE very mean, honest and find bad in GOOD things. To I make any sense??? Maybe not. But oh well, Who cares- Right???

Today I Received 875 dollar bill from My dentist. I was beyond pissed. Since Regina does not have insurance I have to pay for her cleanings. And it is usually 75 dollars ( yes ONLY). SO today I received this bill and of course I called them and guess what- THEY WERE NOT IN OFFICE. OH , now I am even more pissed becaues I freekin' want to know why they overcharged me?? Dumbasses. I absolutely hate, hate , hate WAITING till morning so I can call them again and streighten this typo. ( AND if they tell me that it is because she received BOTOX, I am going to scream ( lol, yeah, now even dental offices do Botox)..

THEN I went to costco because I needed some food. AND regina was with me. You have 3 guesses about what she wanted to buy from there----- ---- ---- CHOCOLATE bundt cake. It is one of her faves and she HAD to have it . So I got it. AND now I am tempted to finish it up. It smells heavenly and it looks so moist and delicious I can hardly control myself. mhm But I guess I have no choise. I HAVE to have a slice and then one more and one more- and then I will feel sick and throw up. ( I LOVE sweet stuff, but past few weeks sugars make me sick to my stomach. not sure why). Ok.

let the countown begin---20 more days before school starts.

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lennuk said...

oh, diana.... i'm dealing right now with the incurance stuff too.
i just solved one "typo". couple other to go...
good luck with that!

and... welcome back! let the pms'ing start! :)