Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let me just do what I know best....

Oh, here I go. My trip to estonia was very different this time. I went there with my family, it was cold there and I finally got it- I LOVE USA, I LOVE CALIFORNIA.Yup. As mad as I may sound, I did not feel right home there this time. I think I am just spoiled.
****My search for best latte****
I may say that I did not find it. Wherever I went and ordered my latte, something was wrong with it. AND THEY do not make non fat or low fat lattes there, ( most of the lattes are made with 3,5% milk). So I had fat lattes, that had no real flavor. I MISSED MY STARBUCKS A LOT. bohooo. Latte sucked, but I do have to mention the best place I got it- it was in ADAVERE windmill( little restaurant/ tourist attraction). It was nothing special, but it tasted better than other coffee drinks.

*** Nowhere to go with kids???**(Laura is non smoker))
I wish estonia was as smoke free as CA. Trust me, it is horrible there. People even smoke in shopping malls( restaurant areas). It was very hard for us to go out with kids and have dinner somewhere. We managed to do so couple of times, but it was not plesent experience when smoker here, smoker there, smokers on left, smokerson right... We tryed to eat as fast as possible and then headed outside. GUESS what, when you get cought smoking outsides you may get fined( Yup, no smoking outside in public places) . YES, I did smoke to couple of times, but I left my cigarettes to estonia, and I never did so when kids were around.( bad me)

***More to come*** Estonia is gaining weight***

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lennuk said...

Coffee is better than here. Even gas station coffee is first class... but you are right, i did not find my taste!!!!!!! (i am talking about Finland right now actually). I missed Starbucks. That brings me to question: is Starbucks addictive?