Wednesday, January 25, 2006

blues, I got wednesday blues...

Srry I have note been calling, emailing, chitchatting on msn or just catching up with you on any other way. I have very good reason for that- I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE IT. :( DO I sound mean? Do not take it personally- it is all in my head, You have done nothing wrong ;).
My healt is almost back to normal, only thing that is bothering me is sinus pressure now. But I think it is because Santa Ana winds brought some awsomely polluted air to Laguna Niguel and my allergies are acting up( not fun) . My bladder infection and tonsilitus are under control and I do not have to use restroom in every 5 minutes. :)

OK. OH, I forgot to mention. Past 5 days I have been eating like I am on steroids( not a joke). Antibiotics I am taking are making me hungry 24/7. I wake up middle of the night and I am hungry, I finished eating my breakfast and I am hungry, and I MEAN HUNGRY. If I do not get to eat food when I want it , I get those weird chills- GIMME FOOD NOW CHILLLLLS. AND I get very very very moody.... I have 5 more days on antibiotics . My pants don't fit me anymore.... APPI ( HELP)

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