Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just MY opinion..

 Obesity is NOT a disease.. THERE are diseases that lead to obesity , and if you find out what those diseases are and you take care of them, you will do just fine. 

Now, I am sure there are "few of you" who take it personally, and  start a fire where fire is not needed,  but I stay strong to my OPINION.
I work hard to stay 6-10 size.. It varies from month to month, and I know IF I don't work hard, I end up 300 lb woman because I LOVE FOOD. I can eat nonstop and not feel full. I can...  BUT I choose not to.. I eat, I work out and I enjoy it.

WHEWWWW, I feel better now that i said it OUT LOUD :D


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo right. I'm the same - (lol)

Debbie from Montreal

Sleeping Beauty said...

:D:D:D:D YUP :) My wedding Dress was size 14.. Not sure why Nick gives no love to my lovehandles sometimes... lol