Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love as it is :)

Most likely your boyfriend, boytoy, husband, girlfriend lover, girlfriend best friend always tells you.. "YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN  I HAVE EVER KNOWN".:)  Most likely you smile and blush and get down with your business, or just blush, or say AWWW THANKS, or NO WAY , JOSE ;)..

It just made me think.. When did that special someone said that? When you had full make up on, When you just gave the best BJ, when you just had FULL waxing job done  or when you had personality makeover ( I think we all need that last one ).  But seriously.. WHen do guys find us BEAUTIFUL?  Because beauty really is only skin deep, and if your personality sucks   all you really have to is to be good at sex or BJs.. hahah..

I am just in really good mood tonight.  NOT because I had awesome sex...BUT because I had great talk with my husband AND NOT about sex. Just talk about things, without yelling at each other.. "YOU FUCKIN" Moron...... .Instead we just smiled and said.. LET ME THINK about it.. haha.

Anyway... What MAKES you the MOST beautiful Woman to your Partner???   And if you tell me that it is your pinky finger.. I  will just laugh out loud... And I mean it ;)