Sunday, February 11, 2007



Leave now , if you are not ready to see me without make up. YES, without MAKE up. This is huge. Really, it is. I am not that kind of girl , you know, who is willing to show up in public without my clothes… And I must tell, I do feel naked without my make up, because I do not think that I have ever seen myself without MU. Lol

Why I took this picture is because- someone recommended something and I must try and see if it works. I am experimenter and love food, so , this is must.

Mix one egg white with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Take cotton ball or brush, or cotton pad- whatever you have handy. Apply eggwhite mixture to your face and lie down just apply 2 coats. No more.. IT starts working right away…
I spend fortune every month for prescription creams, and gels for my acne problems ( at least $150 every month). And this tip came along on right time. Due to stress I am braking out big time. EVERYWHERE. But face is most important one. I can hide the other parts of my body with covering up with clothes, but I can not do so with my face….

Anyway.. today is my second day to do this mask. AND I must tell you- MY face has never felt so good. IT IS BREATHING. And mask itself feels soo good on my skin. It is not pulling or pushing, it is just tightening and it is the best feeling ever. J

BUT since it is beginning, I have no idea how it will affect my skin in long run. I am afraid that in few days I will break out even more and what’s then??? What is going to be my next step????

Before I leave , I have to tell you about my dream.. It is the weirdest dream I have ever had.

I was working out every day. But I kept gaining weight. Finally I went to see doctor and doctor told me that I was pregnant. And I was about 6 months pregnant…. I gave birth at 36 weeks to healthy baby ( not sure if boy or girl). IT had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes, and looked nothing like Nick. And then I remembered, when Nick was in china , I went to Starbucks and bought coffee from one guy , who I think was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen (( REALLY, HE WAS) . lol./… Anyway, I woke up after I went to back to Starbucks to look for that guy and tell him that his coffee made me pregnant….

LOL LOL LOL.. BUT I must say, my baby did have THE most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen… And NOW I desperately want to have baby no3, because maybe, MAYBE my baby will have blue or gray eyes….. ;)


lennuk said...

hopefully this magic self remedy works for you!!!
hihii, i know why you saw this babydream.... so many babyshowers these days.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I agree with you. Seems like everybody is having babys. I want to have one, but I do not want to keep it.

Anu said...

I do not know why, but I had also recently huge acne breakdown!!!!!:((((....So I'm also totally desperated...Well, let's hope the best, as always....