Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kord iga pidu saab otsa ....

I feel sad, extremely sad. It has been the best week in my life. Old friends, new friends, hours in the car, days and nights filled with laughter and “dark” humor… Life is good. Friends and family are what make life living worth. I am so fortunate to have Maarika in my life . She is my only friend from Estonia ( who lives in Estonia) that I have maintained my relationship with. I think we even look alike lol 
But tonight it all comes to an end ( well, at least until next time ) . They are leaving and I have to adjust myself back to my “old” boring self…. ;) OH, I miss her and her friend all ready. 

I just hope that their flight back to Estonia is better than their flight from NY to CA. ( They spent about 9 hours in airport, not knowing if they can come to CA and that was all because NY had ice storm, and their flights were rescheduled…. But they had awesome experience flying here because they got upgraded to First class with no charge and …. Yeah, players….. ;)

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