Monday, October 23, 2006

Do not feed BIRDS.....

I know I am smart. I am just fuckin’ lazy. Yeah. You got it girl. And I want to do 0 about me learning mucho to get perfecto.. ( I have no Idea if there are even such words). Haha.

Like most of you know I am taking psych classes. Very me. I LOVE psychology. I have finished reading my WHOLE book ( 15 chapters) . We are on chapter 7 now and it is about learning, IQ, intelligence etc. SO I took IQ test today. Good IQ test. I scored high and I was surprised to see that I scored that high. I was sure that I scored below 100, but seems like my brain is not dead at all. It is getting smarter, in fact.. My IQ score was 120. Not bad. I am not genius but it is above average ( max to my age is 166) and I am very very exited about it. I knew that MATH is my weak point and I scored VERY low on math, but I scored very high on pattern recognition and general knowledge ( about 85% in both. Now I know that Regina gets puzzle and problem solving from me and MATH abilities from Nick. Gabriel is totally something else. I still have not figured “HIM” out. Because he is like me. HE likes EVERYTHING, he is good at EVERYTHING. He can sing, he can dance, he is good at solving problems, he learns everything very fast, he makes friends fast- Almost like me …lol. He is a male version of me… ;)

Back to me now…. I feel the need to stop eating. I decided , that starting from tomorrow, I will only buy healthy food in my house- Well, Most of my food is healthy, BUT my kids eat crap during school snack times. SO there will be no foods with additives, no SMG, NO GMO, no Red food colorings, no shit….. yup, Diana is going Organic and natural. And so does my grocery bill.. Henrys, trader joes, wild oats, farmers market… etc. These are the best stores in whole wide world, BUT they are located little further away from us. I hate driving . I like things to be around me … but to healthier Diana I am ready to drive.
I hope to stop HOT FLASHES with better nutrition…..

OK. I have to do my cardio now. I ate 2 cups of taro ice cream tonight and I can FEEL IT crawling to my thighs- and forming those orange peal like “ mountains”.

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