Sunday, October 08, 2006


All I got to say is- Blogger beta sucks. I hate it so much , I am about to STOP bloggin forever. I can't upload pics, I cant post, I can't log in? What next? UGH. I posted loooooong post before. Hit post and nothing. Everything just dissapeared like someone had flushed it down with water. Suckers.

Anyway- I took kids to pumpkin patch today. ( yes, I had 101 fever, but it is not my job to be sick. I still have to take care of kids and entertain them. then I get a call from Nick telling me I AM S I C K tooo. Honestly? Are you sure sweety? If you are, you are not getting any symphaty from me. I know your job is important- MAKING MONEY. blah, blah blha, so we can afford this beautiful house, but MY job is more important. So stop whining and do not tell me that your life is hard. I am the one who takes care of kids, I AM the one who cleans the house, I AM the one who cooks, I am the one who pays the bills ( wo what that you make the money), I am the one who takes care of kids so what that I have fever. So pleas tell me , whose life is fucking hard?? HUH.??? OHOHOH I forgot to mention- I am the one who has to attend all the IEP meetings and I AM THE FUCKING ONE WHO HAS NO LIFE BECAUSE I SIMPLY AM SO TIRED IN THE END OF THE DAY that I lost interest doing thing I LOVE to do. SO SHut up. ( sorry ). But I just had to let it out. I need to do it more often ( UPs, I forgot one thing- I AM THE one who also has to study when kids are in school, so I CAN DO SOMETING BETTER WITH MY LIFE THAN JUST CLEANING AND COOKING.

Anway- pumpkin patch was lots of fun. I have not seen my kids so energized for ages. They were runnin around, playing games, and taking rides up on a storm. And total amount spent in pumpkin patch -80 dollars( 40 dollars for rides and rest of it for games and food) SUCKERS. All they want is money from us. They know that they can't sell that many pumpkins so they came up with alternitive route. Seems like it is working.
Oh, we had lunch in hometown buffet. I love food, even though my taste and smell have gone to vacation- I managed to remember how chocolate, ice cream, peach gobbler, chocolate mousse cake tastes and I ate and I ate and I ate. Now I feel sick to my stomach. But who cares. It was food. We never stop complaning about food.

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