Monday, June 12, 2006


Last time I had my hair done by professional hairdresser I paid 100 dollars and it was year ago for color( highlights). So , On saturday afternoon I went back to my hairdresser with an Idea and she was more than exited to do it because at least I wanted something more " funky" and "original". lol After 2,5 hours I ended up looking ALMOST the way I wanted to look. Color was littlebit OFF but I was happy. BUT what made me almost pass out was THE pricetag my head came with.... 200 dollars+tip..... I was not ready for that price. I had no Idea that prices had gone up so much on that hair place ( THe Art Of Hair). But oh well, that was my fault, I did not check with my hairdresser first.


lennuk said...

yahoo! haven't been on your blog for a days (as i have busy with my travelling).
i like your hairdue! i absolutely love the cut!
color is too brave for me, but it for sure looks intresting and fresh!

Melissa Starr said...

Love the color! I guess I was doing hair in wrong part of U.S. We would charge maby $65.00 for that. God I love the midwest. Stuff is cheaper than out there. Have a wonderful 4 weeks!!!