Sunday, April 16, 2006

I really want to work.

But I do not want to have normal job, like OFfice job. I want to movie critic , or mystery shopper , or food critic. Something on those lines. Yeah, I want to judge everything and let everybody know what I think and get payed for it. I used to be mystery shopper( for cheesecake factory, but I only got payed for amount that I spent in restaurant and if it was over 40 dollars , I had to pay it out of my pocket. But it was fun. I had to evaluate all the small details in restaurant, flowers, dust, people, clean staff, how fast my wishes were filled, etc . IT really was fun. But I had to stop it because after one lunch In cheese cake factory I was served salad with wood stick hiden in it and I almost pierced my cheek with it. THey told me they are sorry and that is it. I was so pissed what happened I just stopped going there for food.

I think I find another mystery shopping site and start doing it again with my free time.

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lennuk said...

i used to work at robinson may for 6 months. we had mystery shoppers coming in all the time.
i was the fastest one to earn diamond star, thanks to good reports from mystery shoppers :)
i could never be the critic.