Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a day..

I am tired of being Back to my PMS mode..

Anyway, today was one crappy happy day. It started out 8 am . After I dropped my car to get brakes fixed I was told that sensors has to be fixed, and this and that and overall your car is crap right now.... And I ended paying 780 dollars for brakes, oil changes, filter changes, more oil changes and some other stuff. Engine oil was kind of black so I thought - WTF, Lets just spend some money here. ANd air filter looked discusting - again my first thought was - WTF have I been breathing in the whole time. yuck....
After 3 hours in some ecno or whatever I went to see my doctor because I have enlarged lymph nodes and I have been hysterically stressed about them ( of course my dh has no clue what to say). SO there I go to see my doctor. Sadly he was not in. There was someone else covering for him. Someone I do not like very much especially If I see that someone first time....
She looks at me, touches my neck. asks me to blow my nose, checks my ears, tonsils, asks me to say AAAAAA and then checks something on his digital medical book- HMh. HEr response-
DRY mouth is side effect of your Celexa - ( thank you very much, but I have been on it for a while and I have been doing greatm thank you very much again).
HMH. OK. YOU have enlarged lymph nodes ( I think I told her that first place). There are 2 reasons why you have them. First- You most likely had some upper respiratory infection that has not cleared up, OR you had recent acne break out ( of course she was hinting to my big zit sitting on my for head).
Honestly- I wanted to smack her and tell her- LOOK Lady, My lymph node is fuckin painful,and I feel like I need to drink up whole ocean... And you are telling me that my ZIT is causing my lymph node to grow that fast that painful..

BUT instead I asked- SO what to you recommend??? Try some zhitromax and if your lymph nodes are still swollen in 2 weeks come back and we are going to take a closer look. MY first panicy first thought was- OMG I WILL BE DEAD IN 2 weeks because you are curing my cancer with acne medication... But then I came to my senses and told myself.- Just calm down diana... She is just doctors assistand.. It is not her fault if I die before 2 weeks is up... .hahah.

Anyway, right now I am hoping that that lump goes away and I can live happily ever after and I do not have to come back from " other side" and haunt her .....

Then we had Ronald McDonald meeting. Kinds of like- How is RMDH helped you while your kids are seeking treatment. In general I like RMDH. It is close to hospital , great kids library, allrighty kitchen, lots of magazines to read, bed full of bed bugs and roaches... and few rats... ( outside, I seen them). AND i told them that I hate 24 hour rule, and I told them that they should change it... So I am hoping they are at least thinking about working out some kind of plan with hospital to monitor who is on treatment, those can stay away for longer and who is off treatment have to check in in 24( compromize).. But then Few spanish families started complaning about 4 family rule. They want AT LEAST 5 if not six, and they want to house visitors and so on... I wanted to stand up and tell her- LOOK LADies and Gentlemen- how is housing 6 people under those conditions is going to help your kid???? But I kept my mouth shut,,, I just YAAAWWWNNEEEDD... And end of meeting I got 20 dollar vons gift certificate- I made 20 dollars today. :) WOHOOOO.
Right now I can not fall asleep because I got mild fever and I am trying to stay awake to see if it goes away ... AND I never had DZ, but after seeing what they have to offer , I dream about it...

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