Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Enough bad stuff...

I decided that I become an angel and NEVER even talk trash about other people... never ever everever ( YEAH, right, like that ever going to happen haha).
But todays blog is about things I like( Most of you know that I love my family, so I am not going to talk about them). This post is entirely about products I love.

Since I love make up I have tried way to many different brands and there are still way to many to go.. But I absolutely love Sheer Cover BASE PERFECTOR.
http://www.sheercover.com/ I currently switched from Bare Minerals to Sheer Cover and I LOVE SHEER COVER SO MUCH MORE. Their products are much more gentle on skin and give awesome coverage. This is link with Bare Minerals. http://www.bareminerals.com/

I also loved Sheer Cover mascara - AWESOME PRODUCT. I love that it does not stain my lids and when I wash it , it comes off in clumps, instead of tinting my whole face black.

FOr eye make up base I love Lancome product. It is very silky and creamy. I just apply to my eye before I apply make up and it keeps my make up in place for whole day. very good product. :)

Thanks to Kathy Now I am hooked to Crabtree-Evelin rosewater body wash.

I like that it is not overpowering and my skin smells and feels fresh all day long. I also use their perfumes which are sweet but not over powering sweet. :) LOVE IT... Thanks Kathy.:)

OH, I have to go,, regina is asking for Lunch... She want to have spagetti with marinara sauce..



lennuk said...

What about lipsticks or lip gloss? I never seem to find the right and good one!

Sleeping Beauty said...

for lip gloss I prefer Lancome lipglosses. Lipstics Cover girl outlast. Lasts almost all day