Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mall.

Today I took a 54 mile drive to LA area. Target- Estonian house, Occasion- Mall's Birthday. Very fun birthday. Good food, great people and fun conversations. There is never dull moment when estonians are around. ;) ( I know, I am one of the boring ones blah, blah, blah)
Ok. Here is my problem with being Estonian and Living in US and being married to chinese guy. I admit. I AM LAZY when it comes to teaching my kids to speak Estonian. BUT I rather teach them to speak Spanish than Estonian. I am pretty sure that when they'll grow up , they will choose to stay to US. I just know it. Yes, it is important to teach them multiple languages, but why should I force them to speak language they will not need here. I am their mom and I am Estonian, AND acording to "most"estonians, I SHOULD teach my kids my language. NAH, since when I started to listen to others?? huh?? More you pressure me- less you get and more you see my middle finger. Yes, I can be mean and mean in a mean way. SO STOP making me feel quilty. lol
I know, I know. ... Next time I go to Estonian house, I get myself a T shirt that says- NO, I DO NOT TEACH MY KIDS ESTONIAN - AND YES, I SHOULD, BUT I DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT.
But that is just me. I feel bitter today because my dishwasher broke down again with dishes inside and , water was EVERYWHERE when I got home. So there you go Estonians- You got a piece of me and you will get more if you ask for it. lol (
***Disclaimer*** Do not hate me because I am beautiful ;)


Leila said...

oh, poor you... did your broken dishwasher damaged kitchen floor too? i hope not!

i can only guess what do you feel about this kids and language situation!
it's your choise! don't feel bad!
yeah, i might be critical about your decision somewhere in the back of my mind, but like you care and after all these are your kids and decision is totally yours!
and best of all - you are good mother and great women! great sence of right or wrong and i admire you for that!

i don't know yet how hard it will be to speak estonian in two language family. there is couple of reasons why i will definitely give a try.
first of all... my mom doesn't speak any english. we will not probably visit as often as i would wish - i would like my kid to understand her grandmohter and other relatives.
second reason would be... i have seen lots of lost souls in estonian community. as adults they regret that their parents didn't speak estonian to them. they are looking for their roots. they are americans, but they feel like estonians.
so, i would like to give my kids a chance. they will decide in the future will they ever speak this language or not!
diana, i don't blame you! years ago when i was studing to became a teacher (more than 15 years ago, can you belive it!?) there was study out that bilingual kids they will start speak later and it will be too confusing for them to alternate between two languages. basically not a real good reason to force two languages.
now there are new studyes out which tell the opposite...
so, what bilingual, sometimes trilingual families should do?

my friend is estonian, father speaks farsi. each speaks their mother tounge to their girl. they communicate in english with each other and secret language is swedish. and even this secret language is not secret language any more. this 5 year old have picke up all these languages.
i don't say that we all should do that, but just this is an example that it's not confusing for kids to learn languages....

and the most most important thing what i wanted to tell you - it's always great seeing you and i love when you join with us in the estonian house! or anywhere! :)

hope you get your dishwasher fixed!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Aww leila. Thank you :):):)I know it is important to teach languages, BUT sadly I am very wrong person for that.As good I am wiht multytasking, being a good teacher is not one of those tasks. I may start out great- but I get bored or frustrated when they do not learn anything.
But I am very proud about fact that they can sing Uinu vaikselt in estonian and if they really want they ask food items in Estonian. it's a slow start. And they can spot Estonia in map :)
We just need fo find couple of estonian speaking playmates because that will help with language skills much more than just MOM repeating- ISTU MAHA, SEE ON DIIVAN, EI TOHI.... irv. ;0

About diswasher- I made apointment with GE . Next week they should be here to fix it.( IF it is possible. ) but I have a very bad feeling that I have to replace it ...