Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I want to feel like Diana again.

I think I am going through middle age crisis. ( Yes at age 29). I am not sure what I want or who I am. All I know is I want world peace and cure for cancer. Cure for cancer first and then world peace.. I think.
OK. It has been very emotional almost couple of months for us. I still can not believe that Regina relapsed. I look at her and It just does not sound right. She looks great, she acts great, she is smarter and sharper than before, she still does not like to read much and Math is her fave subject. She LOVES high school musical and Hanna Montana and Suite life with Zack and cody. SHE loves dancing and singing. SHE LOVES playing with barbies and Bratz ( I HATE BRATZ, but for her I have to love them). I just got her new Bratz dvd Bratz kids sleepover ,( I think). NOW she is requesting me to redecorate her room in Hannah montana style... HUH??? I ask.... HANNAH MONTANA.. what the heck happened to princesses - She tells me- Mommy, I still love princesses, but it is time for change.. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY REGINA??? SHE IS GROWING UP. H E L P. Next thing I know she will be asking belly ring and mohawk ( spelling). ANd before I can turn around she comes home and tells me she is wants to run away.. because I suck as a mother..... To I think to much ahead??? But that is all I can do right now.. THINK and guess and speculate ... Oh, I hate my life. I truly do. Seriosly- Why can't I be 6 foot brazilian victoria Secret beauty with flawless skin and beautiful long legs??? Again- That is not much to ask... I know In my past life I was british street musician ... Now I am suffering mom.. Next life there better be something good for me or I will scream...

Oh.. I just emailed my friend Kathy about my tonight coctail... Do not laugh. I have not had a drink for a while because drinking is big NO NO in CHLA( childrens hospital of Los Angeles) so here is drink for Today-- 1 scoop of slim fast powder, 2 oz of wodka, 7 oz of cranberry juice 4-5 pieces of frozen pinapple . BLENDER- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ until it all looks nice and foamy and them VOILAA. Slimming and energizing drink all at once:) Trust me, It tastes DELISIOSO...

OK. Now I am going to sleep because tomorrow is another day.

AND ALL OF YOU. GO visit LA. Check out West coast estonian days. IT IS HUGE festival that celebrates estonian arts . It will be fun..... Check out this link .

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Kathy said...

I think the right song for this post is Comfortably Numb, you could put it at the top of your playlist.

That drink sounds like a complete meal, 3 per day and you wouldn't need anything else.

Just becoming a parent, even without all the stuff Regina has had, changes your life, you live for your kids instead of for yourself until they are old enough to be on their own.

I know you were beginning to think about getting a job and doing other things before this happened.

I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say, Steven is doing well but a piece of me died along with Kyra and another piece died the day Steven was born with medical problems and even a bigger piece died the day we found his brain tumor. I am a terrible example of how to handle stress.

But that drink sounds like a start

Go for it.