Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am such a bitch...

My biggest PET PEVE Right now!!!  I  DISLIKE THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND ESTONIA AND ESTONIANS ANYMORE. :(   well, Estonians who are AMericans, or have been living here YEARS!!  I don't understand them complaining about SOUR cream being to THICH or, beer tasting weird,or where is THE BEST ESTONIAN VODKA, or I miss Estonian candy...  TO BE HONEST_ I DON't Really give a crap- US  has AWESOME VODKA does not give you any headaches.  German stores makes better breads than Estonian breads ever, and  sour cream is AWESOME IN US!!!! SUCH A great taste and less water...
IF U miss Estonia so much - move back !  What is keeping u here ? Seriously? Srry.
today is just one of those days I keep hearing complaints from different people and they all sound the same. I  DON't make  potato salad every event, I don't make fat filled shnitzels or "burgers". WOrld is FULL OF FLAVORS, and I have found my faves.   My only fave Estonian "food" is --- Fresh picked  Mushrooms-- steamed.. Not soaked in some flour cream sauce . I love flavors , but right flavors...

SRRY.. just had to let it out.. We all have our dislikes and likes. and  sometimes I just get annoyed by -- OH, In Estonia we do it like THIS, and THAT.. And of course to add some water into OIL.. I will add my 2 cents-- IN ESTONIA WE WEAR HOOKER CLOTHES EVERY DAY .....


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Gypsie Jules said...

you look BEAUTIFUL in everyday hooker clothes!!!! I live in Alaska and every tourist must have taken lessons from your Estonian friends living in US. thanks, this was a great post.


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